Digital Channels Audit.

Engage customers and reach the right audiences

Know what works and what doesn't!

You will get a detailed assessment of what touchpoints generate the best results as well as, which channels you can explore to further dominate your space.

Invest wisely. Outperform your competitors.

Our approach is meticulous and methodical. We closely analyse your channels, including your messaging, brand visibility, competitive advantage and ROI. Our goal is to identify quick wins and to develop an action plan that boosts your core strategy. By deeply analysing a slew of KPIs across your customer journey, we are able to unlock relevant patterns and growth opportunities for your business.

How can Platformise help you?

We can assist you in omnichannel audit measuring aspects including but not limited to:

Brand awareness and visibility index

This is a measurement of how well your brand is known and understood by your intended market. This entails examining numerous digital platforms to ascertain the extent of market recognition that your brand has.

Brand identity

This refers to the elements of your brand’s visual and verbal communication. This entails examining your brand’s slogan, colour scheme, logo, and other visual components to make sure they effectively convey your brand’s values and messaging.

Competitor Research

Researching your rivals can help you learn about their plans, tactics, strengths, and weaknesses. You may then utilise this knowledge to strengthen your own digital channels and achieve a competitive advantage.

Content Analysis

This entails checking the quality, relevance, and engagement of your brand’s digital content for your target audience across all platforms, including your website, blog, social media postings, and other marketing materials.


This is a reference to how your brand interacts with its target market. To make sure your brand’s messaging is being communicated consistently, appropriately, and effectively across all of its digital platforms, you must examine the language and writing style that is being utilised.

Social Media Analysis

This entails investigating the impact, levels of engagement, and success of your brand’s social media presence in connecting with and interacting with your target market.

Brand share-of-voice

This refers to how much more talk and buzz there is about your brand than about that of your rivals. To ascertain the degree of share-of-voice, this entails evaluating the online discussions about your brand and those of your rivals.

Sentiment Analysis

This entails looking into the attitudes and feelings shared in online discussions about your brand. You may then utilise this information to enhance your understanding of the requirements and preferences of your audience and make adjustments to your digital channels as necessary.

Energise your core strategy.

A channels audit might be what you need to laser-focus your strategy and bring results.

Contact us for a tailormade assessment of your digital touchpoints and messaging.

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