Branding & Visual Design.

Design that makes you stand out of the crowd

Be memorable.
Be unique.

That’s exactly what we do for you: Making sure your shine is brighter. Regardless of your competition, we help you craft a personalised visual brand strategy that will empower customers to choose you every time.

Extraordinary storytelling that keeps your brand in the limelight

Your brand identity is crucial to remaining relevant in an increasingly-crowded online world. From your brand name to logo, website and Instagram posts – your brand image is always at stake and you cannot afford to botch the opportunity of creating a great impression before your potential clients.

We combine human-centric design, UX and copy to craft a unique story that consolidates your charm.

Platformise can help you with a comprehensive brand strategy comprising:

Brand naming

Platformise may assist clients with selecting a name for their brand that is distinctive, original, and aligned with their target audience and business objectives.


The storytelling service provided by Platformise entails creating an engaging narrative for a brand that communicates its values and mission to its audience. This includes developing brand guidelines, message strategies, and content for distribution across several media channels.

Brand identity

Platformise can assist clients with developing a consistent, identifiable visual identity for your company that is in line with their beliefs and personality. This includes creating logos, establishing colour schemes, and selecting typography.

Logo design

The logo design services offered by Platformise entails producing a distinct visual representation of a business that is easy to recognise and recollect. We collaborate with clients to create a logo that effectively expresses their brand’s message and differentiates them from competition.

Brand revamp

Platformise can assist businesses in redesigning their brand in order to better engage with their target audience and achieve their business objectives. This could include redesigning your logo, website, or marketing materials, as well as revising your brand strategy to better fit with their target demographic and objectives.

More of our services

Digital Experience

Deliver a personalised and seamless online experience for your customers. Differentiate your business in a crowded digital landscape and drive customer engagement and loyalty.

UX Strategy

Get top-notch consumer-centric UX strategy backed by research. We are experts in UX writing, research and design. We solve business problems by addressing user pain points.


Need a partner to unravel complex issues? We’ll be happy to lend our 20+ years’ experience to find solutions!

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